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Art for the cat

Art in public space in Prague after 1989

How has public art developed in the Czech capital after the fall of the Iron Curtain? What are the most interesting sculptures, monuments and installations? Why do we find numerous works somewhere and none of them in other places? Who were their initiators during almost thirty years when Prague did not have the strategic support and policy of public art?

The Prague sculptor and visual artist Petra Vlachynská has dealt with this question extensively in recent years. The exhibition, based on her doctoral thesis, offers an insight into the systematically mapped and documented work. Let’s take a look together over the edge of the plate at Prague.

An event within the framework of the 22nd Czech-German Culture Days.

16. October 2020
31. January 2021
00:00 - 23:59


Galerie nEUROPA
Bautzner Str. 49

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Friday, 16.10.2020, 20:00

Exhibition in the display window