Festival Pragomania 2019

DJ Mackie Messer (CZ)

DJ Mackie Messer alias DJ Gadjo has been swinging and grooving through the European electro swing temple for over a decade. -Based in the Golden City, he doesn’t really know musical boundaries: From Balkan beats to electro swing to hip hop, Prague’s primal rock is struggling, always shrewd with Eastern European ethno sins. The main thing is that his disciples fidget properly. A hammer set in the grooviest garage on both sides of the Elbe. Whoppa! Whoppa!

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The Pragomania Festival is part of the Tschechisch-Deutschen Kulturtage. Mainly in Dresden’s Neustadt, a large number of concerts and parties take place, which the Neustadter Verein Kultur Aktiv affectionately and in cooperation with Neustadter Clubs puts on the legs.

Programm Pragomania Festival

Festivalprogramm Tschechisch-Deutschen Kulturtage

26. October 2019
26. October 2019
22:00 - 23:59


Katy’s Garage
Alaunstraße 48

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Admission: € 5,00