Meeting yOUR Community 2019

Meeting – Film & Discussion “Fluch(t) oder Segen” (Migration: Curse or Blessing)

At the beginning of the event we present the sound project VERTOVISm. We want to record classical poetry from different countries in the original language. Therefore we are looking for people who want to speak a poem or a short text of their choice into a microphone. The recordings are made from June to August.

If you are interested, please contact Christin (

The heart of the evening is the screening of the documentary film “Fluch(t) oder Segen”.

In recent years Dresden has unfortunately been associated with a bad reputation: Xenophobia, demonstrations and hostility towards refugees and refugee helpers. The film shows that behind the term “refugee/migrant/foreigner” there are people with feelings and life stories. We are all Dresden – we are all a part of this city, whether we live here with or without a migration background.

The concept is based on the idea of finding out how immigrants with or without a migration background themselves experience the situation in view of the events. Is Dresden for them a curse or a blessing? Do they feel free or not free, surrounded by tolerance or not?

Elena Pagel and her team accompanied for a year people who migrated to Saxony and Dresden and talked to them about how different the reasons are for leaving their homeland and how great the hope is for better chances in a new homeland. We get to know people from all over the world: a young student from Syria, an actress/volunteer from England, a Jewish musician from Russia, a successful tax consultant from Morocco, a labour migrant from Poland, a Chechen family also from Russia, an Afghan couple from Iran, a single mother with three children from Afghanistan and a young Christian from Iran.

Following the film, there will be time for Q&A.

Open for everyone and everyone – no matter whether large or small, old or young, new or old thresher. Be there! We are looking forward to you!

24. May 2019

19:00 - 21:00


Difo – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung
Pulsnitzer Straße 6

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