nEUROPA unites all those people who accept and actively promote peaceful and tolerant artistic and cultural exchange.

Radio nEUROPA was born from the idea of creating its own micro-nation as a state without a geographical space in which actors can meet and network. Since May 2014 Kultur Aktiv has realized this idea as a virtual network.

Radio nEUROPA lives mainly from three components: Action, audio and photo. ACTION takes place in the real world, for example in art spaces or in public space. The content can also be transported by film, photo or social media. AUDIO is most likely the original idea of radio. Nevertheless it can contain such different contents as music, radio contributions, sound collages etc. - the only important thing is: it is suitable for listening. Under PHOTO we combine photographic exhibitions and photographic series into thematic aspects.

The implementation of the internet portal took place within the framework of the project "Transkaukazja - Caucasian Traces in Europe", which ran until the end of 2014.


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Our Bandpool gives you a handpicked overview of Saxon bands of different styles and genres that will enrich your festival or club show - also abroad - with fresh sounds from our region.

In addition, the band pool offers all interested musicians and bands the opportunity to register themselves.