BRN-Talkshow Let’s party in der Galerie nEUROPA

The 30th birthday of the Bunte Republik Neustadt was not forgotten despite Corona. One could not call it a celebration. But at least there were the possibilities to experience contemporary witnesses of the different epochs – on BRN TV. On Saturday we broadcast live from our gallery nEUROPA. Under the motto: “BRN | Party till you drop (’00 – ’09)” we had a look at riots, unsuccessful attempts to host the district festival as a whole and of course we talked about our beloved pleasure garden. In the talk show were represented (from left to right): Claudia Muntschick, Jan Frintert, Liane Hoder, Anne Liebscher and Christian Lenin Schwingenheuer.

As master brewer Lenin did not miss the opportunity to bring a barrel of beer into the show. But listen to what there was to report! Nevertheless is the whole show in German only.

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