Presentation Winterreisen

Andreas Schieck: Spitzbergen

If it is winter and one wants to have a holiday, one can actually only go into the sun or just into the real winter. To get into the right winter, you can go to the mountains or to the Far East or even to the north. Because where does winter actually come from? In the northern hemisphere a clear thing. Svalbard has long been a dream. Situated on the northern edge of Europe, it was the starting point of many expeditions to the Arctic, a destination for dropouts and a base for whalers. Today, Spitsbergen belongs to Norway and yet is a kind of extraterritorial area. Although it is an inland flight, you have to go through border control in Oslo. This is based on the so-called Spitsbergen Treaty of 1920, which grants Norway sovereignty over the Spitsbergen archipelago, but allows citizens of all signatory states to be equally active economically on the islands of Spitsbergen. You will mainly meet Norwegians and Russians in Spitsbergen. Svalbard is home to the world’s northernmost ghost town, coal mines and the world’s most important seed bank in a high-security bunker. Svalbard is also beautiful and it is no coincidence that it is named after him. You will learn about this and other experiences on a 5-day snowmobile tour through Spitsbergen in this lecture.

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30. January 2020
30. January 2020
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