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Meeting – Workshop – Sorbian Easter Eggs

Easter is getting closer. Before Easter lamb is eaten a week later and a colourful crowd then sets off for a traditional Easter (digestive) walk, we dedicate ourselves to the creative part of the Easter season. Colourful Easter eggs do not only hang decoratively on the forsythia bush. Depending on the region, there are different traditions of designing and giving away.


Since the Middle Ages, Easter eggs have been consecrated, decorated, given away, brought to fields and seeds to protect them from storms or tied to the first sheaf for an upcoming high-yield harvest. In the beginning the golden egg was most common in Eastern Europe, whereas in Western and Central Europe red coloured eggs were common. The red colour was a reminder of the blood of Christ. In the 16th and 17th centuries the custom of giving eggs developed. Lovers gave each other red Easter eggs. Godchildren received three colorfully colored eggs, whereby the 3 stand on the one hand for the family: father, mother and child or as symbol of the Trinity for fire, water and air and/or for God father, son and holy spirit. The egg, with its perfect, fascinating form as an object of art, also plays an important role in peoples who do not celebrate Easter or in the generally secularised society of the present. The design possibilities are very varied, from sticking straw, dried flowers or rushes on the egg, painting with colours, decorating with handicraft techniques to breakthrough work and much more.


The meeting in April is dedicated to the Sorbian Easter egg art. We bring eggs, colours, wax and tools and explain the technique to you. All you need is a steady hand and the joy of decorating.


Open for everyone – no matter if big or small, old or young, new or olddresdner. Be there! We are looking forward to you!

12. April 2019
12. April 2019
19:00 - 21:00


Difo – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung
Pulsnitzer Straße 6

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