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demoSlam – The Slam for young dispute culture in Saxony

Activism, community and culture of discussion – these are the topics the slammers dealt with in a three-day workshop in pairs with different opinions. Despite some serious (political) differences, they opened up to each other in order to enable a cooperation, a constructive exchange on an honest, sincere, personal level. They were all united by the desire to get into conversation with people who think differently – and demoSlam gives them the space and the tools for this.
At the premiere of the inner-saxon demoSlam on March 1 in the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, the slammers impressively demonstrated how we can enter into dialogue on difficult social issues – openly, personally and in an entertaining way. In Königstein, they will now once again present similarities and differences in their views and seek to exchange views with the audience. Be with us at the “demoSlam – The Slam for young argument culture in Saxonia” on 15 November 17:00 in the Treff-Punkt Königstein (Pirnaer Str. 2, 01824 Königstein). The demoSlam is moderated by Cornelius Pollmer, journalist and author.

demoSlam was developed by the cultural scientist Evgeniya Sayko at the Hertie Innovationskolleg following the format Science Slam, originally designed for the German-Russian context. Understanding the opposite without having to agree – this is also an important basis for the inner-saxon dialogue, in order to be able to get back into conversation across echo chambers and filter bubbles.

The event in Königstein is organized by Kultur Aktiv e.V. in cooperation with weltbewusst e.V. as part of the project “Sachsen im Dialog“. “Sachsen im Dialog” is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the “Miteinander reden” support program of the Federal Agency for political Education.

15. November 2020
15. November 2020
17:00 - 20:00

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