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Encounter meeting – Kurdish evening

Socio-cultural offers are possible again. Therefore we want to organize meetings in a small circle.

Our integrative encounter meetings take place once a month. Talking, playing, spending time together.

About one million Kurds live in Germany, but what do we know about them? How do Kurds live, what moves or occupies them, what is typically Kurdish? The Kurdish journalist Mustafa Yesil tells us. Together we learn something about our Kurdish fellow men, their cuisine and their culture. A “Kurdish evening” is planned with lectures, lots of information, a common dinner and Kurdish music.

Meeting point: 17:00 at the tram stop Industriegelände or you can come directly to the artists studio at Meschwitzstraße 16a.

Open for everyone – big or small, old or young, new in town or long-time Dresdner. Be there! We are looking forward to you!

20. September 2020
20. September 2020
17:00 - 20:00


Difo – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung
Pulsnitzer Straße 6

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