Meeting Plattform Europa

Europe in Dresden – A Neighbourhood Meeting

How much Europe is in Dresden? How international is home? Where is it lived? Actors from several cultural institutions and associations have collected 18 “places” – historical, contemporary and digital. The focus was exemplarily on the Südvorstadt and Plauen, a historically international area. Visitors are invited to discover new aspects of their hometown and meet new places. You can also help to collect the “places” yourself.

In the coming years, the observation will be extended to the entire city area. The international “places” will be made visible online on an interactive city map and networking will be initiated. (New) citizens are thus encouraged to get involved in the city and the actors and foreign partners are brought into contact more easily. A creative potential for diverse follow-up projects is created.

An event within the framework of Neue-Heimat-Plattform Dresden 2025. Information on the entire exhibition Neue Heimat Dresden 2025 – Showroom and the other platforms can be found at

Extract from the graphic “Europa in Dresden”
© Mandy Münzner |

22. October 2019

19:00 - 21:00


Deutsches Hygiene-Museum
Lingner Platz 1

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