Excursion – Barevná Planeta / Ústí nad Labem (CZ)

Barevná Planeta is an intercultural street festival in Ústí nad Labem (CZ). For the 20th time the World Music Festival takes place with a preference for innovative musicians. Be cordially invited and come along to the multicultural street festival and experience a cosmopolitan Czech Republic.

Everywhere there are many foreigners for whom the Czech Republic has become a new home. The festival aims to introduce and bring together ethnic groups living in the Czech Republic and to show the public their integration problems. In this way, the possible feeling of threat from the loss of one’s own identity and culture will be eliminated and, on the contrary, the possibilities of mutual enrichment and enlightenment and thus non-violent rapprochement, understanding and tolerance between ethnic groups will be demonstrated.

The trip belongs to the project yOUR Community project and is free of charge for you!

Meeting point: 09.00 am Katharinenstraße 9 | 09.15 am Neustadt railway station

  • Attention: registration required at info@kulturaktiv.org
  • Only those who are allowed to enter the Czech Republic can come! Please take your identity documents (passport and health insurance card) with you!
  • In the Czech Republic it is not the euro that is valid, but the Czech crown. Please remember, if you want to buy something locally!

Open for everyone – no matter whether large or small, old or young, new or old thresher. Be there! We are looking forward to you!

7. September 2019

09:00 - 20:15


Bahnhof Neustadt
Schlesischer Platz

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