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Hike – Görlitz

Socio-cultural offers are possible again. Therefore we want to start the hiking season in a small circle. Please register by mail. In order not to make the group too big, we will inform you about the meeting point only with the confirmation of your registration.

The regular excursions serve to get to know the immediate surroundings of Dresden, for example Saxon Switzerland, the Osterzgebirge, Meissen and regions beyond. The hikes and excursions are designed as nature and social space explorations, i.e. the participants learn details of regional and Saxon history, society and culture, local flora and fauna etc. at each event.

Görlitz is a worthwhile destination for a hike in many respects. The first reason is the location of the city at the interface between Poland and Germany. Divided by a border into the two parts Görlitz and Zgorzelec. However, this border is much less visible today. Through cross-border cooperation, the city is a vivid example of how cooperation and peaceful coexistence can be the norm. In Görlitz there is also the group Syrlitz (Syrians in Görlitz), a local integration initiative. The city itself is interesting from an architectural point of view, as is the surrounding area.

You are cordially invited to accompany us. Please think of something to eat and drink for your meals. Bring sturdy shoes and a good mood! Make sure that you are fit and healthy enough for the trip.

Open for everyone and everybody – no matter if big or small, old or young, new or old. Be there! We are looking forward to you!

18. July 2020
18. July 2020
09:00 - 18:00


Bahnhof Neustadt
Schlesischer Platz

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