LutherKutter – the BRN Sunday

Another colourful republic birthday awaits its guests. Come by and celebrate with us!

Stage BRN Saloon ft. Kultur Aktiv

12:00 – Tubarovka
Brass, untraditional brass music for young and old

14:00 – Theo Westermeyer
Young songwriter

15:00 – Lona
Indigo, Gypsy

Stage 2

Programme will follow shortly

Open Spaces

Photography and postcards from all over the world – Peter R. Fischer

Venetian Mask Making

BRN Passport Office

Outdoor painting session

Painting drunken people

Open Jam-Session – MALU 6

16. June 2019
16. June 2019
13:00 - 23:59


Untere Lutherstraße

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