Festival Pragomania 2019

Mikoláš Chadima & Mona Mur

Boundless freedom and political imprisonment: Mikoláš Chadima and band (Prague) interpret the daily notes by Jürgen Fuchs with Mona Mur (Berlin)


The opening of the Cultural Days will be rich in contrast: the music of freedom meets political imprisonment. Mikuláš Chadima and his Prague rock band, together with Berlin punk singer Mona Mur, will interpret Jürgen Fuchs’ daily notes, in which he will use his 281 days’ imprisonment in the Stasi prison in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. The programme, specially prepared for the Cultural Days, offers singing in German and Czech and makes Jürgen Fuchs’ impressions of isolation and imprisonment accessible to a mixed German-Czech audience. After the concert, the organizers of the Cultural Days invite the audience to a reception in order not only to get into conversation with the artists.


Language: German/Czech

Special offer: bus shuttle Dresden-Ústí nad Labem-Dresden incl. concert ticket for 15 EUR. Please use our reservation form – until 21.10.2019 at the latest!

To Formula: http://www.tdkt.info/veranstaltungen/mikolas-chadima-mit-band-meet-mona-mur/


The Pragomania Festival is part of the Tschechisch-Deutschen Kulturtage. Mainly in Dresden’s Neustadt, a large number of concerts and parties take place, which the Neustadter Verein Kultur Aktiv affectionately and in cooperation with Neustadter Clubs puts on the legs.

Programm Pragomania Festival

Festivalprogramm Tschechisch-Deutschen Kulturtage

26. October 2019

19:00 - 20:00


Veřejný sál Hraničář
Prokopa Diviše 1812/7
Ústí nad Labem

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Admission: 100 (reduced 80) Kč