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Workshop – Your COMIC in 3 steps

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In the course of our integrative project LebensBILD, which brings together migrant and non-migrant participants through the sharing of personal stories in intercultural dialogue and artistic realization in the form of illustrations, it has become apparent that the popularity and need for activities of this form in the city that go beyond this is greater than assumed.

In Dresden, the City Libraries are also dedicating their 2020 annual theme to the medium of “comics”. The central library in the Kulturpalast has its own manga/comic lounge. Together, they came up with the idea of hosting a series of workshops related to comics, offering participants with and without migration experience the opportunity to come together through cultural and artistic education.

Courage to create your own biographical comic

Comics tell stories with pictures and text. This workshop will encourage you to create your very own comic. But how are comics drawn?

Stories in pictures live from the depiction of feelings, facial expressions and gestures. How do you draw a face that expresses joy, anger or rage? How are hands drawn? How can you depict very specific character traits?

Professional graphic designer Anja Maria Eisen will be on hand to show you tricks and techniques in her own unique style.

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The workshops are offered in cooperation with the City Libraries Dresden and are sponsored by the House of Resources Dresden under the title “Biographical Comics in 3 Steps”.

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5. December 2020
5. December 2020
12:00 - 13:30

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