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MusicMatch is a festival and conference for music. This year the focus is on the political dimension of music. What responsibility and possibilities does the music scene have to change society positively and can and should it position itself politically?

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Thomas Richter (Projektleitung)

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Music for a New Society

MusicMatch wants to bring the music scene together for the fourth time to provide a framework for exchange and to discuss current topics and questions. But what actually moves the scene? In recent years we have been able to observe a shift to the right across Europe. In addition to the European elections, local and state elections are scheduled for 2019 in Saxony. It is very likely that the majority situation will shift. The effects will also be noticeable for us as a music scene, we are probably all aware of that.

Nevertheless, we often concentrate only on maintaining our own (open) spaces and doing our thing comfortably in our familiar environment (bubble) without unpleasant disturbances. A common strategy with effective means and actions against right-wing populism is missing so far.

It is (unfortunately) too much to expect MusicMatch to develop a comprehensive solution for the complex social issues of our time. Nevertheless, we would like to invite you to think again about what makes us as a music scene, what achievements of the past decades are worth defending and where we can we make progress. And who knows, maybe we will succeed in developing ideas together on how we can actually use the great potential of music to positively shape and change society.



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Supported by the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen. This measure is co-financed with tax money on the basis of the budget decided by the representatives of the Saxon state parliament.

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