Only mountains can be better than mountains

Text and Photos Nina Lyubinarskaya

I would probably agree with Vladimir Vysotsky saying – “Only mountains can be better than mountains…” – and that’s a fact. Huge, vast, tremendous with grand canyons and caves. It is so beautiful here that it takes your breath away. I saw my first mountains long ago in the Crimea, but so close to them, I was only in Azerbaijan.

Lahic is a small picturesque village in the Ismaili district, home to just 900 people. The history of Lahic is very interesting. There are many legends, but we are in a fairy-tale land, and I would like to tell you about some of these century old legends ?

Once, the Persian Shah Key-Khosrow killed the ruler of one of the cities. He then fled out of fear of revenge. For a long time, he wandered through the canyons and gorges, and suddenly a sanctuary in the mountains not far from modern Lahic, where he spent the rest of his life in prayer. In this foreign land, along the bank of a river, next to Niyaldag Mountain, this exile was buried.  Here a monument was erected above his grave with the inscription “Kei Khosrow I”. The servants of the deceased Shah proceeded to build a village nearby and they named it Lahic.

Lahic is one of the most famous Caucasian commercial and craft centres, famous for its copper utensils decorated with oriental engravings, as well as for leather working and carpet making. It is worth noting that this protected historical and cultural site lies along the Great Silk Road – today a great tourist attraction.

Enough talking, it’s time to introduce you to its jovial townspeople and its narrow workshop filled alleys ?

Copper craft

The village of Lahic has always been known as a production centre for artistic copper products. The Copper craft has historically been located in one of the larger village quarters called “Agaly”. This neighbourhood is also known as the bazaar of coppersmith -“Misyar bazaars,” because of the many copper workshops. Each newly finished product is put on display here in the windows of the stores.

As if I were in a fairy-tale! This is just one city in this land, and I feel as if I have only just scratched the surface. It was such a wonderful feeling being able to experience the world through the eyes and culture of those who live here. Honestly, was a bit unnerving standing on this bridge

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