The Russian Footprint in the South Caucasus – Azerbaijan

Catcaller in the heat. He doesen’t care abaut anything.

Text and Photos Aysel Akhundova

In Baku, traces of Russia are visible in many places as remnants of the past. You can walk down the street and talk in Azerbaijani with your friends, drink black tea and eat Kutabs – but suddenly you hear a Russian pop song coming from a passing car. The festival ‘Heat’ takes place every summer in Baku with several Russian pop stars in attendance. In summer, the whole city becomes covered with posters. Some people notice them, whilst others don’t, just like the event itself. While some people are desperately looking for a ticket for one of the concerts in Hare, others are completely indifferent to it. This event has been revived from the remnants of the past, which we usually expect to dissolve with time, thus proving the unpredictability of history.

Driver. He would probably take someone to the beach in Nardaran for “Jara” and wait for them in the car till the concert is over.

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